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Pros and Cons of Skype Lessons

I have to admit, I have been pretty skeptical of Skype lessons my whole teaching career. However, after committing myself to Skype lessons this summer so that my students could keep their same schedule I found that they can actually work great (under one condition which I will cover at the end). First the bad: […]

Guitar Camp Audio Files

Here are recordings of the Guitar Camp Large Ensemble pieces (Star Wars and Hedwig’s Theme). Practicing your guitar part along with these recording will dramatically improve your ability to listen to your fellow guitar campers next week and make it possible for you to get much more out of the camp. If you would like, […]

Mrs. Tomfohrde Award Ceremony Piano Concert

This is Ms. Wendy’s piano teacher, Mrs. Tomfohrde, who recently turned 93. Though retired from teaching and performing… Posted by Orpheus Academy of Music on Sunday, May 17, 2015 This is Ms. Wendy's piano teacher, Mrs. Tomfohrde, who recently turned 93. Though retired from teaching and performing one of her students recently entered her in […]

Hexachord or “Fa” Video

In this video we add the note “Fa” to our Pentatonic scale, making it a six-note or Hexachord Scale. The Hexachord is one of the most common combination of notes in popular folk songs, so you are probably familiar with the sound already. We also introduce the idea of Letter Names in this video, which is […]

Re and Rest Video

This week we worked on both a rhythm (the rest) and a new pitch: “Re”. Practice these phrases that include the first 3 notes of the scale (for those of you who remember the Sound of Music: “The first three notes just happen to be…Do, Re, Mi”) using the worksheet and the video below. Rest […]

Ta and Tadi (Quarter and Eighth Notes)

This week we master the concept of one and two sounds on a beat, which we sing as the sounds “Ta” and “Tadi” and write as the symbols Quarter Note and Eighth Note. Use the video below to practice writing these concepts.

Half Note Video

Dear Students, Follow the instructions of Dr. Rhythm and write out the answers on a blank sheet of paper. Check your answers at the end of the video.

Strong and Weak Beats

Dear Musicianship 1 Students, This week we are presenting the concept of strong and weak beats forming a measure.  We have been getting ready for this step by singing lots of songs and playing lots of fun games that help us to feel the pattern of Strong-weak-Strong-weak such as Deedle Deedle and Bounce High. Please […]

Musicianship 1 Ear Training Video (Do)

Do-Mi-So Ear Training Video. Print the worksheet here: do-mi-so-ear-training-worksheet Thank you, Klondike

Musicianship 1 – Learning the note La

Dear Musicianship 1 Students, This past week we introduced the new pitch “La”.  Please use this short video to practice this note.  We will continue to work on patterns containing So-Mi and La for several weeks so that everyone can master singing them in tune, writing them correctly and improvising and composing with these new […]

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