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Intro to Violin Camp at Orpheus Academy of Music in Austin


Intro to Violin Camp at Orpheus Academy of Music in Austin

The long Summer days are the perfect opportunity to for a child to explore

their musical creativity.  Why not enroll them in a fun camp where they

learn to play the violin?  The violin can be a very intimidating musical

instrument to begin – Beyond the technical challenges there are the simple

logistics of finding the right instrument, teacher, music books and more.

What if you could take away all those worries?

For one week in a group camp setting, your child could have use of a

violin, have music and assignments printed out for them, and learn about

making music in a fun, low-pressure setting with their peers.  In small

group classes of similar age kids, the students quickly learn the most

important aspects of music and violin playing through great music and fun

games.  .

There will be fun music theory games and our unique Eurhythmics classes,

which will develop the understanding of pitch and rhythm through songs

and movement.  At the end of the week there will be a performance for the

parents, and YES your child will learn a couple of songs on the violin as

well as a presentation using the skills acquired in their theory and

eurythmic classes.

This Beginning Violin Camp is offered August 5- 10 at 1:00 to 4:00 PM at

the Orpheus Academy of Music.  For more information or to enroll please

contact the Orpheus Academy at 512- 231-8999 or visit

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