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Joyce Wu


Doctor of Musical Arts, Piano Performance

A native of Taipei, Taiwan, Dr. Wan-Hsuan (Joyce) Wu is an active performer and teacher in Austin area. She received both of her Mater of Music and Doctorate of Musical Arts degrees in Piano Performance at The University of Texas at Austin under the auspices of internationally renowned pianist Professor Nancy Garrett. In her doctoral treatise (supervised by Dr. K. M. Knittel), Beethoven Through Liszt: Myth, Performance, Edition, Dr. Wu analyzed Liszt’s obsession with Beethoven and its influence on his musical career. She believes that musicological study is not only essential for a deeper understanding in music, but also elevates the enjoyment of music up to another level.

As a piano teacher, Joyce’s goal in teaching is to help students enrich and broaden their lives with the appreciation of music and to learn the mastery of playing a musical instrument through disciplined study. Joyce was a piano instructor for the Piano Project and the Informal Classes at UT-Austin and currently is teaching full-time at the Orpheus Academy of Music. While not busy teaching, Joyce is a happy volunteer at KMFA, the local classical music station.

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