Music Lessons for all ages!

Chamber Music

(Ages 8-12; at least two years of experience)

All Camps are 9:00am – 12:00pm. 

Camp #1 June 4-8  

Camp #2 July 9-13  

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violin music program AustinThis is the perfect camp for kids who love to make music with other kids (and who doesn’t?) and who are looking for their first experience in chamber music.  Students will be grouped by age and ability to play great, age-appropriate music. Playing in ensemble teaches many of the most vital skills of musicianship, including steady pulse, excellent rhythm, good listening skills, intonation, balance, expressive playing, and performance skills.

Each 3-hour day will be broken up into different classes including warmups/technique, group rehearsal, musicianship games, listening/watching great artists, and private or semi-private lessons.  The music will be handed out well in advance so that each student will have an opportunity to learn their part and come to the camp ready to rehearse together.











































































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