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A Musical Journey

Orpheus Muscial Journey Program

Discipline is the art of remembering what is most important to us every day and taking action on those dreams.  Having clear and inspiring goals is the best way to focus our minds to achieve more than we ever imagined possible.


The Musical Journey is a flexible achievement system that helps students stay focused on their highest musical aspirations, while stimulating their creativity and developing their independence.  As students pass each level, they will find their skills have reached new heights and their interest will be drawn to new and fascinating aspects of music.  Each level provides clear goals and skill sets that all musicians must master, while still allowing plenty of room for personal creativity:  Some students may focus entirely on classical music, others may wish to include more of their own compositions, improvisations, different styles of music or anything else.

The big Musical Journey Yearly Projects are a HUGE achievement for students, but to help them break it down into manageable goals we have implemented the “Milestones”. Each time a student takes a step toward mastering their instrument  they will be awarded a Milestone Bracelet. Collect five bracelets and you know you are ready for the big Musical Journey Level. This new process will help keep students focused and make getting ready easier, not to mention being a fun way to stay motivated!Musical Journey Milestone Band Color

Final Projects:

Level 1 A “home concert” for friends and family. (checklist)

Level 2 A recording for friends and family.  (click here for a step-by-step guide for making musical CDs)

Level 3 A public recital with one or more original compositions, variations or improvisations.

Level 4 A recital with at least one chamber music piece.

Level 5 A recording with at least one multi-movement work.

Level 6 A recital with chamber music and original compositions or arrangements.

Level 7 A set of recordings, video and website materials for the purpose of attracting work as a professional musician.

Level 8 A full length public benefit concert to support a favorite charity, including one chamber work and one original composition.


“Musical Journey has given my students very specific goals, creating very specific and focused practice.  It has also given them a great sense of accomplishment as they look to future levels.  Their musicianship has improved greatly as the students listen and focus on their pieces, to give the best performance possible.  I look forward to watching them grow as they pursue future levels.”

~Skye McManus, Musicianship, Voice, and Piano Instructor, Orpheus Academy of Music

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