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Video Lessons

At Orpheus lessons are supported by videos you can watch at home that reinforce key concepts that are taught and practiced during the lessons and group classes. In addition, these videos are great for helping students prepare for the Musical Journey Achievement Level Exams at the end of each semester. The videos have gotten great reviews from our students for being fun and helpful, so take a look!

Level Musicianship Guitar Piano Violin Singing
1 So-Mi Setup Setup    Good Posture
Ta-Tadi Steady beat Dropping into the keys    
So-La-So-Mi Fretting Piano Hands    
Do-Mi-So String Crossing 1      
Do-Re-Mi & Rest Walking Fingers 1      
 Strong & Weak Beats (2/4) Walking Fingers 2      
  Legato Fingering      
2 Pentatonic LH Shifting      
Half Note Pinky on G and D      
Hexachord 1234 Exercise      
Low So Alternating RH Fingers and Thumb      
Low La Practicing Scales      
High Do        
3 A-B-C’s of Music        
Sharps and Flats        
Dotted Half Note        
Whole Note        
Scales and Keys        
Circle of 5ths        
4  Triads and Seventh Chords        

 “Si” Ear Training

“Fi” Ear Training


Click on a Musicianship Level to view the video lessons for that level:

Level 1 (Ages 6-8)


Level 2 (Ages 8-10)


Level 3 (Advanced)

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