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Summer – The best time to start music lessons

Summer – The best time to start music lessons

Calls for lessons are starting to pick up again as we draw closer to summer. Many

people prefer to start all their activities with the start of a new school year, but I

always encourage them to consider starting lessons in the summer. We have hald a

dozen little siblings signed up for their first lesson already and many of you have

been telling your friends to give us a call. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we

appreciate this. The best time to start is always when the student is most excited

and the family is ready for the responsibility. But If one of your friends asks you if

the Summer is a good time, please share some of these ideas with them:

1) Starting in the summer allows the student to have greater focus on their

newfound passion without the distraction of schoolwork. The first few

weeks of learning guitar, piano or violin require a great deal of focus and

physical and mental growth. The fingers must grow stronger, the ear more

acute and the mind must understand difficult new concepts. This is hard

enough without one thousand other distractions.

2) It is generally a good idea to try to limit the number of new experiences a

child must adjust to at one time. Whether they will be starting school for the

first time or just be adjusting to a new teacher and class, it is nice to not also

be adjusting to a new guitar teacher, a new practice routine and new learning

environment for music.

3) Summer Intensives, where the student comes twice per week, provide the

kind of reinforcement that can get students off to a great start. When a new

student just gets their fingers on a piano, violin or guitar there are bound to

be a dozen little flaws in their technique that, if not addressed, can cause

serious handicap or even injury down the line. I have always felt that seven

days between opportunities to correct these little bad habits is way too long.

4) Finally, the reason we take lessons is to get to play cool songs. By starting in

the summer with lessons twice per week students will have the opportunity

to break through to the music they will love much sooner.

Summer has always been a time when we get to do the things we want to do

rather than just the things we have to do. Let music be one of those things!

Dr. Steadman Owner

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