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What impresses me most about Orpheus is that each week, my daughter receives both a private lesson and a group musicianship class. By dovetailing their curriculum, the teachers connect the musical elements clearly, effectively and with much laughter.  More importantly, the group class allows my daughter to make music as part of a community and gives her balance instead of restricting her to learning in a vacuum.

–Becky Harding, Mother of Claire and former AISD teacher of the year

Orpheus Academy has a great program that caters to young minds. The instructors are very professional and friendly. We feel that it is has been an enriching & rewarding experience for our child.

–Sekhar Gangidi, Father of Akhil

I was amazed and impressed at the parent observation day in musicianship class. Our kids are so lucky to be learning music theory at a deep level from a young age. If they stay with it, they will be proficient in the language of music to a degree that only the most talented musicians can attain on their own. Another thing I love has nothing to do with music. It is that they are in a small group situation where they are being asked to think on their feet and perform in front of a group. It is a fun atmosphere so I don’t think it is felt as pressure. Raj is not being required to do that in any other situation in school or otherwise. In school, the teachers only call on kids who have raised their hands. These kids have already solved the problem, or probably already knew it before the teacher asked. Your class is genuinely challenging, but never in an unattainable way.

–Kari Ramachandran, mother of Raj

As an educator myself, I can tell that the entire faculty at Orpheus Academy are working hard to make sure that music is not something that is only good for brain stimulation but also as a way of appreciating life.   The Orpheus Academy has a strong philosophy on laying a strong musical foundation in every child. On top of piano lessons, Winston has also been enrolled in guitar lessons for over a year.  Winston has gained a great music foundation from learning both musical instruments and, on top of all his other activities, has never felt pressured at the Orpheus Academy.  Music Camps in summer are full of fun and are based on the creativity of the instructors to help their students build more interests in music.  I strongly recommend Orpheus Academy, if you are considering a music lesson for your child.

–Juli Djonli, Mother of Winston

Orpheus Academy has been and continues to be a wonderful music school for my children. I have seven children, six of whom are enrolled at Orpheus. Since I do have a large family, it is sometimes very difficult to arrange extra-curricular activities for all my children without interfering with all my free time. Wendy and Klondike have worked around my schedule to arrange the lessons so that all my children can be taught on one day in the least amount of time. They have hired a wonderful staff with advanced degrees who share their love of music and teaching; hence my children are taught by several teachers with slightly different approaches but all who motivate, add creativity to lessons and truly excite my children in learning their respective instruments. Lessons are a simple stop for me yet a remarkable and inspiring opportunity for my children.

–Kathy Hodapp, Mother of Dennis, Theresa, Frances, Daniel, Joseph, Mary and Veronica

My 6 year old daughter is currently taking piano classes here. This school came highly recommended from the music professors at UT Austin and I can see why. Very meticulous and patient instruction style and the additional 30 minute theory class (included in the tuition) is just awesome! The students rapidly pick up rhythm and ear training through a fun environment!! I wish I had this when I was a kid!! The school also provides ensemble musicianship and performance level classes for advanced students. Finally, unlike some music schools, this one allows parents to observe the lesson, which allows me to help my child practice at home.

–Joydeep Mitra, Father of Shampurna

I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to the adult performance party. It wasn’t until I was around others struggling with their own mastery that I realized for the first time that I wasn’t alone–I actually felt like a musician instead of feeling like a pretender who “plays at the guitar”. I left feeling exhilarated and couldn’t sleep for several hours afterward. I wanted to practice, to become really better.

–David Foster, Adult Student

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