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Professor of Music and Human Learning, Dr. Duke

“To participate in music making is one of the great joys of the human condition. Children and adults alike are enriched by the pleasure that comes from developing musical skills that culminate in personal artistic expression. I know that the Orpheus Academy has created a nurturing, healthy, and joyous place to learn, one in which the commitment to quality is paired with a deep love of music and of people.”


— Dr. Robert Duke, Professor of Music and Human Learning, UT-Austin


“Research shows that children who study music are more successful on standardized tests, achieve higher grades in school, and excel in language and mathematics.  As a child psychologist and former piano teacher, my work with children over the past 25 years has revealed that music nurtures children’s developing brains and their creative spirits.  Children who learn how to create music are confident and imaginative thinkers who excel in school. Music teaches children to learn about their world using all their senses.  Using a multisensory approach, Orpheus Academy has carefully cultivated a culture that nurtures the creative spirits of their students and teachers.  I wholeheartedly invite you to join this culture of musicians at Orpheus Academy where your child’s creative spirit and learning will be nurtured.”

— Dr. Joey Achacoso, LPT



“The foundation we lay during the first years should serve growing musicians for the rest of their musical life, leading  happily into major repertoire.  I am glad to see that Orpheus Music Academy meets this challenge very successfully!”

— Sophia Gilmson, Professor of Piano, Director of Piano Project at UT-Austin




“Having worked with Orpheus students and faculty for nearly a decade I can say that their level of instruction is truly excellent.  The teachers are highly qualified and the many students I have had in my classes not only have great musical skills, but also a deep love of music.  I highly recommend them to anyone interested in lessons.”

–Kay Greenhaw, Music Teacher, Doss Elementary School, Austin ISD



“Orpheus Music Academy provides wonderful opportunities for my students to apply and perfect skills they have learned in music lessons at Hill.  Orpheus students always shine in my classroom – they exude joy for creating music and confidence when sharing their knowledge and love of music with their peers.  It has been a delight to work with Mr. Klondike as he leads the academy in reaching out to the music programs in our neighborhood public schools.  Orpheus Music Academy is a treasure in our Northwest Austin community!”


– Debra Erck

National Board Certified Music Teacher, Hill Elementary School, Austin ISD

Dr. Steadman Owner

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