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World Music Camp

All World Music Camps are 9:00am-12:00pm.

Camp #1: June 18-22

Camp #2: July 16-20 

(For ages 4-12; no previous experience required)

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This year we will be studying songs, instruments, and customs of different countries.  Be prepared for some beautiful songs, exciting drumming, fun games and interesting snacks from each country!

Children will be divided into separate groups by age and ability, with collaborative performance experiences at the end of each day.

Each hour will focus on one of three very different musical experiences:

World Music Choir

Students will learn to sing music from around the world in harmony. Appropriate vocal technique for children, in tune singing, listening skills and aural development will all receive a big boost from this class.

The Music Cultures of the World

Explore a world of different instruments, notes, and rhythms. Students will have fun while gaining an appreciation for non-western rhythm and tonality by participating in music-making and listening to world music demonstrations. Every year we will explore different countries, learning about their unique musical language.

This Summer we will be learning songs from Japan, Mexico, and Ireland!

Musicianship through World Music

We will use fun games and songs to explore the beat inside us, the relationships between pitches and the function of harmony. Having the kids every day will allow us to go deeper and more securely into musical challenges while keeping things fun and highly active.

Friday Concert

There will be a concert at the end of the week for all parents and friends.


















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