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At Orpheus Academy of Music in Austin you will experience a musical learning environment that is nurturing and professional with the highest artistic standards. Our teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you achieve them. As you are researching which music school is best for you, please consider the wide variety of programs at Orpheus, including guitar classes, piano classes, violin classes, singing and voice lessons, and summer music camps for children of all ages. Also consider if our unique approach will work for you. We understand that we are not the right school for everyone in Austin and therefore we take the time to interview each potential student to ensure that their music lesson experience is both joyful and helps them reach their highest potential.

Featured Instructor: Eric Slavin, Guitar

Guitar Lessons with Mr. Slavin

Masters of Music, Guitar Performance
Eric Slavin was born on a United States Marine Base in Hiroshima, Japan. He is a bilingual (English and Spanish) professional guitarist and teacher who comes from a musical family, and his grandmother, Elena Slavnaia was a celebrated soprano singer who sang at the Steinway Concert Hall in 1931. Eric’s musical aspirations started as a child studying piano under the Hungarian pianist, Agi Rado. He later studied guitar and music most notably in Washington, D.C. under guitarist John Marlow. In addition, he has had the privilege to study with some of the most famous Latin American guitar pedagogues and composers such as Abel Carlevaro and Guido Santorsola. Eric is a founding member of the award-winning Santa Fe Guitar Quartet from Argentina, which has toured the world for 25 years including performances at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center here in the US. Eric is a graduate of The American University, Washington, D.C. and has a Masters Degree in Chamber Music from New Mexico State University. Eric has two solo CDs, Serenade (2010) and his new CD entitled Dreamscapes which is a collection of songs realized in dreams from composers throughout the world.   Recently he moved to Austin, TX where he offers lessons at Orpheus Academy of Music for guitar students of all ages.


What makes lessons at Orpheus different from traditional lessons?

The most qualified music faculty in Austin

Making music fun and giving you the tools to express yourself begins with great music teachers. Guitar Lessons in Austin may be available through various tutorial providers, but because Orpheus has developed an international reputation for excellence and innovation, teachers apply to teach for us from around the country every week. We study videos of their teaching, review their references and conduct multiple interviews to ensure that your child will be able to enjoy making music right from the start. We have eighteen music teachers for you to choose from, including five guitar teachers, six piano teachers, three violin teachers, three singing teachers and a drums/percussion teacher (most of whom moved to Austin explicitly to teach for us) with at least a Masters degree in music and hundreds of hours of educational training beyond their degree. Why have our teachers gone to such lengths to study the art of teaching? Because they are passionate about teaching excellence. Our teachers have warm personalities, are extremely friendly and dedicated to teaching you in a way that will foster a love of music and lifelong musical skills. Read More>

Five Surprising Things Every Parent Should Know About Music Lessons.

Private lessons on piano, guitar, violin, and voice at Orpheus Academy of Music are taught in a way that meets the needs of each student, whether age 4 or 95!  Children and adults alike enjoy the fun and innovative teaching that comes with working  with some of the most qualified music teachers in Austin. In group classes children experience an interactive place to make music with friends while learning music history, theory and performance skills. Our unique approach to teaching guitar to young people has been a model that has become popular among tutors providing guitar lessons, Austin and is now used around the country.

Music lessons on any instrument consists of a combination of singing, movement and visuals that help a student become more musical very quickly while maintaining a sense of fun and excitement. The guitar students at our music school become highly skilled musicians by playing the music they love, learning the best technique, how to play music by ear and how to read music and improvise. Our piano students benefit from a musical approach often referred to as “Sound to Symbol” in which they sing, move, and visualize every musical note before they play it.

We realize you have a choice between several different music schools for guitar, piano, violin, drums or voice. All music studios are not the same. We constantly renovate and improve our facilities and provide ongoing training to our staff to ensure we are always providing our students and parents with the best lesson experience possible. We have the finest pianos in each room and even keep a registered piano tuner on salary to tune our thirteen beautiful pianos once every two weeks. Not only do high-quality, in-tune pianos help us attract the best music teachers, but they also have a profound affect on the development of young musician’s ears and that is why we invest in providing the finest musical instruments available.

A great first experience in music lessons will give a music student of any age or level the confidence to pursue music for a lifetime.

There are several different music schools in Austin to choose from. We invite you to compare all of the features and options to see why our school has been the right choice for so many music students. Our unique style of teaching guitar lessons, in Austin helps us connect to the community that is the Live Music Capital of the World.  But the primary thing that makes lessons at Orpheus special is the quality of the teachers. For each of our Guitar, Piano or Violin teachers we watched videos from dozens of teachers from around the country before even beginning the interview process. Read More>

Orpheus Academy of Music Mission Statement

It is the mission of Orpheus Academy of Music to provide the finest music education available. It is our belief that a great learning environment is only possible when certain conditions are met:

  • Each student is treated with respect for their unique, individual talents and learning styles.
  • That the whole musician is nurtured and developed through a wide variety of engaging and inspiring experiences.
  • That the student is drawn to music in a joyful and enthusiastic manner.


If you are ready to sign up for guitar, piano, violin or voice lessons at Orpheus Academy of Music in Austin, TX please give us a call at (512) 231-8999 or send us an email at admin@orpheusacademy.com.

Thank you for making music with us!

Klondike Steadman and Wendy Kuo, Directors

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