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April & May, 2018 Newsletter

Dream Big!
At the Carnegie Guitar Orchestra Rehearsal
last Saturday I noticed something very strange:
Several of the students were performing a
difficult technique that nobody had taught them.
I had briefly asked for a very staccato bass, but
then waved it off knowing that we they were too
young to pull off the complicated thumb ma-
neuver required to play and stop a bass note on
guitar. But a few tries later every single one of
them was doing it beautifully! That is the power
of setting a big goal. When the motivation to do
something is high enough, you find a way.
And I have been seeing breakthroughs like
this all around Orpheus lately. Not just from
the students that are going to New York, but
so many students that have set an amazing
goal and are going for it: Frances Huffaker who
composes something new every year for the
Composition Book; Aaron Baldauf, who worked
hard and got into every guitar program to which
he applied (and will be going to UT!); The amaz-
ing performers who put in the extra rehearsals
to prepare for the Friendship Concert this past
April; Everyone who completed the 50 Days
of Practice; Everyone who is giving a Musical
Journey Concert or making a CD. All of you are
changing who you are and inspiring others to do
the same.
I want you to start thinking about what big project you can do next that will change your paying forever. Pick something you can pour your
heart into. Something that is a stretch, but that, if you work hard, you can play with exceptional
beauty and expression.
When we dream big, we push ourselves to grow
in ways we could not have imagined otherwise.
I have come to realize that it isn’t the achieve-
ment itself or even learning to enjoy the process
of getting there (as we are often told): It is the
change we effect in ourselves by reaching,
stretching, failing, getting back up and reaching
Dr. Klondike Steadman
A Review of Sight-Reading ipad apps from a student’s perspective:
#1: Music Tutor- The reason why
I think Music Tutor Is the best is
because It gives you the 5 bar lines
and it puts a note on any one of them
and you have to look below at the
letter options and see which letter it
is. When you choose the right letter
note, it plays the next note out loud. It
shows you the letters of the scale and
you put which letter it is. You are timed
and you can see your score at any
time. And after you are done you can
review the ones you missed.
#2: B Flat- This app is very similar to
Music Tutor. You can do all the same
things but you can’t
review what you missed. It still shows
you what you missed but you can’t
review the specifics.
You only know that you got it right or
wrong. It my opinion it is a very good
app, but not as good as Music Tuner.
#3: Treble Trainer- This app has
12 levels and each one has different
piano key groups including sharps
and flats. Each stage is timed and you
get a point for each one you get right.
You may drop down if you don’t win
enough points. You advance forward
for winning a lot of points. There is
an average and high score for each
player. This app isn’t as fun because
it is hard to improve a lot to advance.
Also, the illustrations are limited to
piano keys, not guitar strings.
#4: SRMachine-
This app shows a piece of music and
starts with an audible metronome
beat. Then the music starts and you
just have to follow along and play
aloud. I could not figure out how to
vary the difficulty or pieces offered.
#5: GuitarsightreadingWO-
This app was the worst one I looked
at. It has a guitar arm & string but
the directions of how to do anything
are not helpful. When you touch a
spot on the guitar neck where it has a
smiley face lit up, it will show you the
name of the note with the tone and
also how it is written on the treble clef.
In my opinion, it is not very helpful.
– Griffin age 9

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