Music Lessons for all ages!


What is the best age to start?

ANY AGE, so long as the learning is developmentally appropriate. We have different programs for every age from infant to adult that work with and enhance the learning style of each student. For private lessons, most teachers at Orpheus accept students as young as five. The reason we can start lessons at an earlier age than most schools is our specialized training which works with students to utilize their aural, visual, kinesthetic (movement), and cognitive learning skills.

Why do students need to take Musicianship Class?

Our group musicianship classes benefit the students’ development in a wide variety of ways:

  • The students develop their internal musician – improving their sense of pulse, pitch and rhythm.
  • Students learn to interact musically with other kids their age in fun environment.
  • Students learn essential musical skills like sight-reading, improvisation and dictation.

What is the Kodaly Method?

The Kodaly method is a philosophy of music education that develops a complete musician through the finest musical experiences. This approach emphasizes a graded introduction of musical concepts, the use of great music (not “kiddie songs) and a total sensory learning experience. Each concept is learned through aural, visual, kinesthetic and cognitive activities so that the student has complete mastery over the music. We use this approach to ensure that every student develops as a complete musician: Able to play great, read well and understand all musical concepts.  Learn more about the Kodaly approach here.

What are your fees?

We have different programs to fit each individuals needs.

Young Musicians Program 1 Weekly 30-minute private/ 45-minute group $215/month
Young Musicians Program 2 Weekly 45-minute private/ 45-minute group $278/month
Weekly 45-minute private lesson $225/month
Weekly 60-minute private lesson $300/month
Musicianship – 45 minute weekly group class $80/month

What about Summer Study?

We have a variety of different options for the summer so that students can keep learning, while accommodating their summer plans.

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