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Guitar lessons in Austin, TX

Have you ever thought about why guitar is most popular among all other musical instruments?

Because it is adaptable to any musical setting, highly portable and relatively affordable, the guitar has inserted itself into every musical culture in the world. From the music of Bach and Mozart to K-Pop and Afro-Cuban music, the guitar can both lead and accompany any style.

Research suggests that brains of the musicians work differently than that of normal people. Mastering the art of playing chords and melodies, reading music, keeping a steady beat and understanding the harmonic progression of music develops areas of the brain associated with spatial reasoning, language and attention according to researchers at the NSF Science Center.

The guitar is a great instrument for building social skills as well. The central instrument in any band it is a great way of making friends. While it sounds beautiful as a solo instrument, when combined with piano, violin, drums or other guitars the harmonies soar. At Orpheus Academy of Music in Austin, TX, one of the most popular events is something called the “Friendship Concert” (held twice a year) wherein students play songs with their friends on other instruments.

If you aspire to take lessons in guitar, in Austin, Orpheus Academy has the most highly trained guitar teachers in the world. The instructors not only have impressive solo careers, but also have spent years studying how to teach and even developing fun, innovative approaches to guitar not available anywhere else.
In Austin, at Orpheus academy you can have music lessons, at a reasonable price for kids and adults

alike. The music instructors teach with enthusiasm while imparting their love of music to their students.

Many people try to learn on their own and find it is a struggle to overcome the physical and musical challenges the guitar presents. If this is you, you will find guitar lessons in Austin from Orpheus Academy of Music will get you on the path to making the music you always wanted to play.

Check out this video Learnivore made of Mr. Jesse, one of our guitar teachers:

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