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Guitar Lessons

Hundreds of students in North Austin experience our unique approach to guitar lessons at Orpheus Academy of Music and their joy and skill has made our program famous across the nation.  Students learn to become well-rounded musicians through playing music they love, taking lessons with an expert instructor and playing music with other students every week.  Our students have performed and won prizes all over Texas, and are regularly featured at teacher conventions such as the Music Teachers National Association and the Guitar Foundation of America.  While many of our students have gone on to study music in college and pursue careers as musicians, many more simply enjoy playing guitar for themselves and with friends.

Check out this video Learnivore made of Mr. Jesse, one of our guitar teachers:

A Well-Rounded Approach 

We are the choice of many Austin natives because our Guitar Students all learn the skills that make them a well rounded musician:  To read music, play chords, play with great technique and make music with their friends.  Through a combination of private guitar lessons and group Music Theory or Musicianship Classes, students grow as complete musicians, not just someone who can play a few songs.  The skills and experiences they receive at Orpheus will provide them with a lifetime of musical enjoyment – not to mention the tremendous benefits to their development of discipline, life-skills, friendships and brain development.

Guitar in Musicianship Class

Students learn guitar in a group class for 45-minutes per week through fun, age appropriate games and activities.  Because each musical and technical concept is taught through hearing, singing, moving, seeing and thinking, the young children become masters of the songs and techniques they learn in a very short period of time.  All the students in this class also attend a 30-minute private lesson each week in which they can receive the individualized attention they need to excel and develop their own unique interests on the instrument.  In addition to mastering musical skills such as great technique, improvising, sight-reading, singing in tune and music theory, our students also experience the joy of playing guitar with students on other instruments such as piano and violin, which teaches them to match their sound to the instruments around them.

Guitar Performance Classes

Every month students are invited to perform the music they have been practicing in front of a small group of peers in a class led by Jesse Crites or Devin Ryan.  In this class they are supported to try new things, work on their stage presence, get comfortable performing and improve their ability to play in harmony with other guitarists.  Having a regular goal of playing in front of a supportive group of friends keeps the students motivated and helps focus their practice in a way that no other activity can.

Austin Guitar Lessons and the Music Journey

There may be other academies providing guitar lessons in Austin but the students enrolled at Orpheus Academy learn a lot more than just the songs in lessons. All guitar students  participate in the Musical Journey Program which helps them set exciting year-long goals for their practice.  Many guitarists have reported that their home-concerts, CD’s and public recitals (both solo and with friends) have been some of the most powerful experiences of their lives.

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